Spirit Of Taekwondo: Korean Culture

Lovely commentary on Korea and Korean culture. Love Taekwondo and all things Korean? Want to really KNOW the Spirit of Taekwondo? Then you need to read thisL

For over five thousand years, the Korean people have managed to maintain their exceptional culture despite numerous acts of aggression from its powerful neighbors including China, Russia and Japan. Knowing that the last 100 years of Korean history includes invasion, occupation, war and dictatorship, visitors to the country are almost always amazed at just how quickly Korea was able to recover and become a leading democratic economic power. The recovery is known as the Miracle on the Han (river), but once you come to Korea and feel it’s energy, you will know that it’s no miracle. There is a sense of energy that exists in Korean consciousness, regardless of whether an individual is Buddhist or Christian, or atheist. Most Korean people attribute the success of their country to this energy, which is divided into three types: Gi, Heung and Jeong. Grasping these important principles of the Korean belief system will surely instill a deep understanding of Korean culture



Sangrok Gym, Korea

“In Korea Taekwondo can be seen in its original setting, as a functioning part of Korean society. The parallels between Korean culture and the philosophy of Taekwondo give a much deeper understanding of what Taekwondo really is. Taekwondo is a very traditional activity in Korea as well as being its modern national sport. In Korea is possible to see firsthand these traditions alive today. To Koreans Taekwondo is a life time’s commitment” – quoted from Sangrok Gym. (http://sangrokgym.com/Ninfo.htm)