“You Will Always Be My Teacher”

M├ęditationYou will always be my Teacher.

Whether you have taught me Taekwondo, Aikido, Karate, Wing Chun, Boxing, or Jujutsu for one day, one week, one month or one decade, you had been my Teacher, and hence I will forever be tied to you in spirit as Teacher and Student.

No matter how old I get, or how good I get or how famous (or infamous) I get, you will always be my Teacher. It is a fact that cannot be denied. If you have even shared one morsel of knowledge and wisdom with me, and I have been enabled to take that morsel and apply it to be a wiser and more honorable person, then you have been my Teacher.

Moreso if you have taken your precious Art and share not only the essence of your Art but also your Wisdom, your Heart and your Soul with me, then you have been my Teacher, and forever more my Teacher you shall be.

I shall honor you as best I can, and never will I bring disrepute to your name. I shall try my utmost to make your name a fragrant perfume wafting through the circles that know me, and because they know me, they shall know you; and that you, my Teacher, produce Students of the highest character.

If I fail in this, it is only because of my own failure, and not because of the insufficiency of your Teaching.

And whoever you are, wherever you may be, know that if you have taught me some part of your Art, then you are my Teacher, and I bow deeply to you…and thank you from my deepest heart.