Why Practise?

Why do you practice Taekwondo (or any other martial art)?

Because of money? Health? Fitness? Competition? Position? Politics? All are valid reasons.

But consider this…

When you’re sixty or seventy or eighty, would you still have a “life practice”? Would you still be practising your Taekwondo or karate or Wing Chun or Aikido, even if there were no longer any monetary rewards, or position, or “pangkat” or whatever?

Would you practise your art like those people who are designated “national treasures” in their respective countries, practising for the love of the art, and for the purpose of “Walking the Way”? (though I doubt that any of us would be designated “national treasures”…hehehe)

In other words, would you still be “doing” Taekwondo? Would you still have a Practice?

Think about it 😉