“So We Can See The Sun Rise At Dawn”

A pilgrim was walking a long road when one day he passed what seemed to be a monk sitting in a field. Nearby, men were working on a stone building.

“You look like a monk,” the pilgrim said.

“I am that,” said the monk.

“Who is that working on the abbey?”

“My monks,” said the man. “I’m the abbot.”

“It’s good to see a monastery going up,” said the pilgrim.

“They’re tearing it down,” said the abbot.

“Whatever for?” asked the pilgrim.

“So we can see the sun rise at dawn,” said the abbot

(Thomas Moore)

A perfect commentary and recommendation for our harried and stressed “rush-hour” life.

Whether in personal or organizational life, we are continually trying to “build-up” abbeys that serve no real purpose except to clutter our lives, when we should be tearing them down, or better yet, not building them at all.

So too in our Taekwondo practice. We focus on seemingly monolithic abbeys that cloud our innate wisdom rather than on seeing the rising sun at dawn.

So too in our martial arts organizations. We continue to build abbeys of partisan politics, hell-bent on gaining or retaining power over others (or just to assuage our fragile egos) instead of tearing down the walls that separate our humanity.

We should be sitting together, watching the sun rise at the dawn of a shared vision and purpose. Instead, we are building our own small, little “abbey” which turns out to be dungeons that imprison our hearts, filled with demons and dragons of our own making.

Come, my friends. Let us tear down the abbeys, and let us watch the sun rise again at dawn. In our practice, Taekwondo is that sun, and the dawn is our shared vision of seeing Taekwondo evolve and progress continually.

Forget the politics, leave behind the “them and us”. There is just We.