Martial Art Is An Expression Of The Human Being

“Martial art, like any other art, is an expression of the human being. Some expressions have flavor, some are logical (perhaps under certain required situations), but most martial arts are the mere performing of a sort of mechanical repetition of a fixed pattern.

This is most unhealthy because to live is to express and to express you have to create. Creation is never merely repetition. Remember well that all styles are man-made and man is always more important than any style. Style concludes. Man grows.

So martial art is ultimately an athletic expression of the dynamic human body. More important yet is the person who is there expressing his own soul. Yes, martial art is an unfolding of what one is – his anger, his fears – and yet under all these natural human tendencies (which we all experience, after all) a “quality” martial artist can – in the midst of all these commotion – still be himself.

And it is not a question of winning and losing but it is a question of being what is at that moment and being wholeheartedly involved with that particular moment and doing one’s best. The consequence is left to whatever will happen.

Therefore to be a martial artist also means to be an artist of life. Since life is an ever-growing process, one should flow in this process and to discover, actualize, and expand oneself.” – Bruce Lee


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